Annie Day

Complementary Therapist, Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist

Annie Day is the owner of Heaven Scent Bliss complementary therapies and training. She uses her many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge to help people to reach optimum health, surpass their goals and show up consistently as the best version of themselves. She helps to select the treatment that would work best to suit clients’ needs and goals – her personal favorite is Kinesiology as it asks your body what it needs for being in perfect health mind, body and spirit.

Besides treating allergies, Kinesiology is also effective for improving one’s general health, reducing arthritic pain, better coping with stress, pain relief, overcoming fears and phobias, eczema and hay fever relief, better relationships, better performance, happiness, concentration, a memory enhancer, hormonal balancer, healthy eating plans, increases self-confidence, enhances sporting and musical abilities, increases potential, improves relationships, develops abilities, and helps to become calmer and more positive in general.

Kinesiology accesses the body’s unique inner wisdom to find out exactly what is needed by testing the innate knowledge stored in our muscle/mind system.  This therapy is very gentle, non-invasive and can be used for all age groups. It identifies allergies or chemical imbalances, releases psychological and emotional stress and may give us advice on changes in lifestyle. Annie is a qualified and well-experienced Kinesiology practitioner and has helped many with their health problems. She is the first choice if you are looking for Health Kinesiology in Stafford or Staffordshire areas as well as globally via skype or zoom.

As an experienced and knowledgeable aromatherapist, Annie offers kinesiology to ascertain what essential oils would work best for you. She has studied many sexual practices and techniques to help patients address any issues and to maintain loving relationships, This often means reclaiming the romance and passion for couples as well as helping individuals feel confident in their sexual relationships in the future. Annie is a Tantric Sex teacher and Taoist Sexual coach and has an MSc in Sexual and Spiritual Healing. She was trained as a Sex therapist at the NHS flagship Porterbrook clinic.

She has the knowledge and techniques to help people to enjoy joyful, loving, sexual health and relationships both locally and globally. Annie has a refreshing, down to earth, practical approach, when using complementary therapies especially aromatherapy which is her first Love. Aromatherapy blends and individual oils can be massaged into the body, smelled, added to the chakras and meridian endpoints depending on what the individual wants to change and transform.

Annie provides couples with aphrodisiac and sensual blends for massage and teaches couples how to apply them to best effect. She provides unique blends for bathing and to add to your relaxation time routines. You may be asked to smell a particular essential oil to raise your self-esteem, overcome performance anxiety or simply to feel ready for fun – filled sex. Her comprehensive knowledge, coupled with her 20 plus years of experience as an aromatherapist means you can rest assured that whatever your goals and concerns she can help you.

You can find Annie’s book titled Orgasmic Health published early 2018 on Amazon too (or click on the book cover image).

How to Have Wonderful Sex Using Aromatherapy to Enhance Joy and Pleasure

Annie Days talk is A Guide – How to have wonderful Sex using Aromatherapy to enhance Joy and Pleasure. Whatever your age, gender, sexuality, and issues you may have this talk have the answers for you.


In this podcast, we will be looking at blends to get you in the mood to relax and enjoy great sex. Learn new techniques that enhance our enjoyment and receptivity to pleasure. Discover how to feel; like a God/Goddess in the bedroom – discover ways to overcome any inhibitions or performance anxiety. Use aphrodisiac blends to smell using your limbic system, fragrance your bedroom, how to use aphrodisiac massage blends if you do have an issue such as erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation & what essential oils can help you with these. How to increase your libido and feel fabulous – ready for fun.


The importance of self-pleasuring and much more. How to put the fun, passion, and romance back into your Love life so you experience delicious, mind-blowing sex. This will be delivered in an easily understood, conversational style so that you can access and remember these tips and of course revisit it whenever you’d like by using the link provided. Annie Day is a Sex therapist and Tantric sex teacher who loves to help people to have joyful, satisfying sex

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