Beverley Higham

Aromatherapist, BA, Lecturer and Course Manager at Wigan and Leigh College

Beverley Higham is an acclaimed Aromatherapist and teacher with a vast experience of Aromatherapy, Spa Management, and product development. She trained in Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy over 30 years ago. She has a BA in Education and is a member of IFPA. She was co-founder and creative director of a range of natural organic face, body and spa products. She now creates bespoke products for private and professional clients.

In the early 1990’s she worked with NHS Doctors to introduce aromatherapy alongside conventional medicine In her local community. This led to her publishing some of her research on women’s health in the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy. She is also a Lecturer and Course Manager at Wigan and Leigh College where she teaches and runs a Foundation degree in Spa Management.

Perfumery Blending for Large Companies

“Everyone is unique! The essence of traditional aromatherapy is to capture this uniqueness. Holistically blending for individuals. The fragrant pharmacy is continually growing. So as a bespoke blender who creates for large companies along with individual clients, how do I capture the pure essence of aromatherapy and still provide a pre-blended product that will represent the commercial needs of a business without it being just a one size fits all creation? It’s possible, believe me. It’s a signature fragrance a bespoke blend created for the beating heart of the company. My secret will be revealed.”

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