Dr. Bruce Berkowsky

N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C, Founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing™

Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C.–registered naturopath, master herbalist, classical homeopath, nationally certified in massage and therapeutic bodywork–is President of Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc., formerly naturopathic advisor to the Institute of Applied Biochemistry and a member of The American Naturopathic Medical Association, The Registry of Naturopaths (UK) and the British Naturopathic Association.

He is the founder/teacher of both Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE) and the Natural Health Science System (NHSS) that has evolved over nearly 40-years of research and private practice, and includes traditional naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, essential oils, exercise as well as East/West healing arts/bodywork and homeopathy.

Note: To reach Dr. Berkowsky: e-mail: DrBruceB@cnw.com. To sign up for Dr. Berkowsky’s free, online journals or to learn more about his books, webinars, recordings, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Distance Learning Diploma, and Certification Courses and more, visit: www.NaturalHealthScience.com or www.EssentialOilsAndSoul.com

Essential Oils For the Soul

In this troubled time, characterized by estrangement from the natural world and the light of spirit, Spiritual PhytoEssencing provides a way for one to deeply connect with, and hold on to, what is real and eternal within and to operate from inside the precincts of one’s real self and eternal soul nature. In so doing, an individual can, at once, continue to progress along a directional process toward wholeness of being and find a significant degree of shelter from the current storm.

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