Dr. Robert Pappas

Ph.D, President, Essential Oil University LLC

Dr. Robert Pappas (Dr. P) received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from The University of Tennessee and B.A in Chemistry from Indiana University. He specializes in natural perfumery, consulting, formulation/duplication and analytical testing services for the cosmetics/personal care, flavor, fragrance, and essential oil/aromatherapy industries. Robert developed the first aromatherapy course to be offered for college credit in the US as well as a the first college course on the chemistry of essential oils to be offered for credit at a state university. He has developed many very successful aromatherapy blends that are recognized internationally for an elite list of companies in the industry including doTerra, Edens Garden, The Lebermuth Company, The Perfumery and many more.

Dr. Pappas is the founder of Essential Oil University (www.essentialoils.org), which hosts The Essential Oil Chemical Reference database, containing thousands of literature references and GC/MS reports for almost any oil. EOU’s Facebook page is one of the most followed independent social media sites concerning essential oils in the world. He also is the inventor of the StoveStill, a small-scale home distillation device. He has published many articles and has been a continuous source of inspiration and education for the aromatherapy industry for over 22 years.

Working with Essential Oil Constituents

Essential oils are a collection of complex components, all having their own properties and benefits. Chemistry makes it possible to isolate these for closer study or to leverage some of their extraordinary capabilities. Over the past few years, Dr. Pappas has been studying and isolating popular and useful constituents such as beta-caryophyllene so production formulators can create even more targeted preparations for their businesses. In this podcast, he speaks about these to Elizabeth from a road trip in his car!

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