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Essential oil researcher, Clinical Aromatherapists - Host of the Summit

Elizabeth Ashley is one of the world’s leading essential oil researchers, and the author of 20 essential oils manuals including her Amazon category number one best selling work “Cannabis Medicine”.

Unlike other authorities, she takes the knowledge of the plant right back to its earliest historical origins and then traces it through to the most contemporary research in the clinical labs.

Her mind-body-spirit medicine elucidates how disease emanates from our feelings and emotional responses to life and how an essential oil can liberate us from their bondage. Her engaging writing is full of personality and giggles and she draws from her experiences of messing with bottles of oil in The Secret Healer’s Shed whilst juggling the joys of motherhood of three children, writing for four magazines and her marriage to her most beloved husband, The Strong Silent One.

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Ameliorating Pain with Essential Oils, Phytocannabinoids and Subtle Energy Healing

It is estimated that over 40million people in the US alone describe themselves as living in pain. Tragically, the medical profession holds their hands up to having very few solutions to offer them, and so when they have exhausted all pharmacological options with little success, many of these poor souls conclude it must be part and parcel of their lives and they will have to learn to live with it. Now, as an aromatherapist… What would you have to say about that? Poppycock? Right? Essential oils can most certainly make a difference, as can CBD.


But interestingly, when Gergely and I offered an open page of opportunities of subjects for people to speak about, the grand total of no-one ventured the idea of talking about pain. Yet it is one of the most successful areas we know aromatherapy can help. So, why is that, I wonder? Well, perhaps Henry McQuay – Professor of Anaesthetics at Oxford University had it correct when he penned that “Pain is common, but it’s not sexy”. And that’s true on so many different levels because pain fundamentally alters your life. It changes who you are, what you are capable of and how your very external environment will look, from the inside but the outside too… Because living in pain means you can lose your job, lose your house, and your very identity and belief in who you are, all because of changes taking place within your inner world. I know that’s true because it happened to me when I developed a blood clot in my lungs which then triggered pleurisy…the pain became all I could think about.


Consequently, I was then targeted for redundancy, could no longer meet the bills each month and subsequently had to sell our home. One day I had everything; in two weeks I went from healthy to entirely incapacitated, lying in a hospital bed like a zombie strung out on opioids. Life turned on a sixpence and would never be the same again.


In his wonderful lecture about addiction, Dr. Birkmeyer describes how the psychiatry he trained in has the ability to… “treat from the molecule to the community.” Something about the line resonated on the very deepest level with me, because I could see how far reaching the ramifications of healing a person with any modality must be.


My fascination with neurotransmission means I see the mechanics of the body of a series of triggers of receptors and ligands and I have been studying how essential oils affect molecules such as dopamine and serotonin for years, and then, of course, I added my understanding of the endocannabinoid system’s effect on pain too. But Dr. Birkmeyer is right…. A person’s healing is as much in his mind as in his body and even further may be a spiritual quest too.


In this lecture we ruminate on the many different levels we can use aromatherapy to help someone living with the perpetual and unrelenting of chronic pain.


♦ Consider the mind body spirit issues that may be taking place.

♦ Illustrate the journey of spiritual “dis-ease” from the subtle bodies of the aura and chakras into the physical body.

♦ Investigate the two-way feedback loop between the physical body and the mind and the importance of influencing a more positive mental outlook toward healing.

♦ Discover some of the primary neurotransmitters and receptors involved in pain processing

♦ Uncover the anatomical and physiological trigger points that can skew pain signaling

♦ Reveal how the endocannabinoid system plays a vital part in modulating the process

♦ Reverse engineer the successes of some essential oils proven to act upon these areas

♦ Discuss the use of CBD v essential oils in the healing process.

♦ Comprehend pain in a way you never did before.


After all, with just over 15% of the population suffering pain every single day of their lives for the last three months, this should exponentially boost your ability to attract, treat and heal many more patients. Or…open a door to pain-free possibilities for yourself too.


Transform your business and the lives of many people living in pain by tuning into this lecture by Elizabeth Ashley today.

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