Felicity Warner

Author, Doula, End of life Doula, Spiritual Counsellor, Founder of Soul Midwives

Felicity Warner is the founder of the worldwide Soul Midwife movement and principal of The Soul Midwives School which she began over 20 years ago after sitting with hundreds of people at the end of their lives. She lectures at universities and international conferences and has written three acclaimed books: Gentle Dying, A Safe Journey Home and The Soul Midwives’ Handbook.

She is also a Myrrhophore “myrrh-bearing woman” or mistress of the oils. The myrrhophore tradition is an esoteric and spiritual practice with roots in the ancient temples of Egypt and still kept alive by a few practitioners. It is based on Egyptian celestial medicine and practiced by temple priestesses who were skilled in energy medicine and trained to work with both subtle and high energies especially for transition( death and dying work).

Working with essential oils for their energetic, spiritual and ritualistic properties, the myrrhophore works with dis “ease” of spirit and soul.

In 2017 she was named End of Life Care Champion by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords and won an award as one of the Daily Mail’s most Inspirational Women of the Year.

Her new book, Sacred Oils has been published recently and is available on Amazon.

Felicity was voted 2017 End of  Life Care Champion by The National Council for Palliative Care, the Royal College of Nursing and End of Life Doula of the Year 2017 – Good Funeral Awards.

Visit Felicity’s website here: www.soulmidwives.co.uk



Sacred Oils in End of Life Care

Felicity talks about her work integrating sacred oils in her end of life care. These ancient elixirs have been used in ritual practices for Millenia, and she discusses how we can use these to help people with problems facing transition and emotional blockages during vulnerable times in their lives.

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