Filip Lissicharov

Owner and CEO Enio Bonchev Production Ltd. Bulgaria

Filip is responsible for marketing and sales, dealing with corporate, key customers and developing long-term business strategies at Bonchev Production. He graduated in 1993 from the English Language High School in Sofia, Bulgaria. He lived and studied in the USA (1989-1991 and 1993-1998) and graduated from Knox College, Illinois, USA, in 1997 majoring in Integrated International Studies. Then he returned to Bulgaria, where he has dedicated his life to rose and lavender, re-building and expanding the original business, which was started by his great-grandfather Enio Bonchev in 1909. Filip is also Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian National Association for Essential oils, Perfumery, and Cosmetics while his company is an active member of IFEAT and EFEO.

Rose Oil – The Bulgarian Liquid Gold – From the Past to the Future

Bulgaria is recognized worldwide as the country of roses. Rose is the national symbol of Bulgarians. Bulgarian rose oil with over 350 years of history and tradition is a key ingredient in the flavors and fragrance industry. Nowadays, it has found its place and has a growing impact in the aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical industries. Filip in his presentation will introduce you to Bulgarian history, tradition and culture. He tells us about the Bulgarian rose and the rose oils production. You will find great information on the process of harvesting, distillation, and why Bulgarian Rose is no.1 in the world. You will also learn about the uses of this oil, the challenges of adulteration, climate change, and other aspects producers face nowadays. Finally, he is going to introduce us to the workshops and study tours they organize for professional development or just for the love of the plant and its extract.

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