Greg Trevena

Australian essential oil specialist (and grower)

Greg Trevena’s journey with Australian essential oils, started back in 1990 when the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) television channel aired a documentary series called the ‘Bush Tucker Man’. This television series featured a retired Australian soldier who through the shared knowledge of Australian aboriginal people told European Australians about wild Australian plants people could use to survive in the remote and isolated ‘Australian Outback’.

At the same time, Australia had suffered badly from 200 years of tree clearance across the continent and in 1989 the Australian Prime Minister announced the 1990’s to be the decade of national revegetation (Landcare). In Australia, only one native Australian plant, the Macadamia, had been developed for commercial food production.

Greg knew there had been aboriginal people across the entire Australian continent, eating more than just Macadamias. So commenced a journey where Greg learned all he could about Australian native plants and their useful potential.

He started ‘Rainforest Foods’ in 1998, which then introduced him to Lemon Myrtle essential oil (now an approved essential oil in food flavoring). Greg started ‘Refreshed Lemon Myrtle’ in 2000, this brand became established in Australia and then in the USA. Greg sold both brands by late 2009. In 2012 he started ‘Essentially Australia’ a company which has developed the largest range of Australian essential oils in the world.

The most important part of this business, however, is the new Australian essential oil-bearing plants he has rediscovered and which he grows in his own plantation, just out of Byron Bay,  an iconic coastal tourist town, which happens to be Australia’s most easterly point.

Greg’s wonderful Australian oils you find here:

Introducing Two New Native Australian Rose Essential Oils

Greg would like to take you on his journey of finding, assessing, growing, harvesting and promoting 2 new native Australian essential oils which have a remarkable new type of aroma and also some remarkable properties these 2 new essential oils appear to have.


He will include the best essential oil video he has ever done, the ups as well as the downs and technical insight into the two new essential oils, which include a full certificate of analysis.

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