Jane Lawson

Clinical Aromatherapist, (‘Vintage English Aromatherapist’)

Jane has been a Clinical Aromatherapist for over 25 years and a teacher for over 17 years. She studied under Irene Latter, Principal of the then Scottish School of Aromatherapy in the early ‘90’s. Irene herself was taught by two of Marguerite Maury’s former students, so you could say she is a vintage Aromatherapist. She furthered her studies in Reflexology and Polarity therapy with Douglas Bell at his Scottish School of Reflexology, added Kinesiology through Melanie Whitehouse, became a Reiki Master 5th lineage through Jeanette Robinson and added Lomi Lomi massage to her repertoire through Rosalie Samet who brought the technique to the UK having studied KaHuna traditions herself in Hawaii for 7 years.

Over the years through her Clinic, she quickly realized that the general public was confused as to which oils would be best to treat what ailed them when they referred to books that were available to them. The public was also not well informed when it came to the contraindications and safe usage of the individual oils. Through her further studies, she also realized that physical problems, especially chronic illnesses were very much triggered by an emotional stress or sudden trauma. This led her to write her workbook The Natural Approach to Essential Oils. The book is a working model for individuals and therapists alike to apply to themselves individually or as a therapist to their clients.

Staying true to her roots but embracing new developments in the Aromatherapy world, Jane encourages individuality in each of her students and endeavors to bring out the best in them, guiding them to their particular field of interest over their time of tutelage and beyond. She encourages her students to have an open and inquisitive mind, and not to dispel the ‘out of the ordinary’. Now, she is also training teachers, this will be her legacy to ensure the ‘old ways’ are not lost.

“It is my duty and responsibility to a profession I have spent my whole adult life in, that I pass on not just the ‘old’ ways, but also encourage my students to investigate and embrace the ‘new’.”

Her book is available via her website www.thenaturalapproach.biz


Keeping blending and essential oils simple

It can be very easy to get confused about how to use essential oils. Conflicting and overzealous data can make us nervous about using aromatherapy in our every day lives. I believe in keeping therapy simple.

In today’s talk, I chat with Elizabeth about how to create the very simplest care plan to choose oils. How to choose objectives for the treatment and basic ways to use the oils to feel much better about life day to day.

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