Karen Kintner-Norland

Nationally Registered Paramedic, Certified Aromatherapist, NAHA Regional Director, Minnesota

Karen is a career paramedic of 34 years, which included six as a flight paramedic.  She became interested in aromatherapy when a massage therapist used oils during a massage.  This sparked an interest in essential oils and their therapeutic benefits.  Books were purchased and poured through.  Still extremely interested she enrolled at the American College of Healthcare Sciences where she obtained her Diploma of Aromatherapy and graduated with honors.  Karen has been a practicing aromatherapist since 2010.

Karen is a Regional Director for National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy in Minnesota.  She currently owns and operates Northern Prairie Aromatherapy and Holistic Services.  She is also managing the clinical aromatherapy program for Essentia Health in Fosston Minnesota.  She is married to a Mike, a Sergeant with the Polk County Sheriff’s office, has a nine-year-old son, 2 cats, and 2 dogs.  She is also a yoga instructor teaching first responders yoga for stress management and resiliency.  Karen is currently working with mental health providers on a program for PTSD treatment and prevention for First Responders.

You can read more about Karen’s services on her website at


PTSD Treatment Potential & Prevention for First Responders

In this podcast, Karen and Liz discuss a lot of questions regarding PTSD based on Karen’s experience and practice as a paramedic, yoga instructor, and aromatherapist. They cover topics as the limbic system, protocols, and strategies for patients suffering from PTSD symptoms – caused by a trauma or a series of traumas – such as anxiety, insomnia, anger issues or flashbacks.


Several questions are answered during the podcast, such as: what can we do if a client’s PTSD is severe? Is there anything else we can do that doesn’t require medications?

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