Lauren Bridges – The Aromapologist

Aromatherapist, Writer, Midnight Muser, Anthropology Enthusiast, Dedicated Researcher

A token from her first academic love, Lauren holds a B.A. in Anthropology. She went on to study aromatherapy under the instruction of Sylla Sheppard-Hangar, LMT through the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and then furthered her education by completing an Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine under Mark Webb, BSc, MASCC.

Lauren studied cosmetic formulation through Chemists Corner and completed the Practical Cosmetic Formulation course. She has also done continuing education in perfumery as well as completing the Tisserand Institute’s Essential Oil Safety Masterclass. Her fervent desire for research and a fair representation of the field she has come to love inspired the creation of The Aromapologist where she writes about issues the essential oil and aromatherapy industries face as well as informational conflicts. Lauren is the owner of Aromapologie, LLC, a consulting company that works with other business owners that sell aromatics and aromatherapy products to assure product safety, informational quality, and regulatory compliance.

She is looking forward to offering her first educational opportunities as well as opening the beginnings of Aromapologie’s Formulary, which aims to serve business owners who do not have their own cosmetic services in expanding their offerings.

Essential oils for children’s winter ailments

Every year at the onset of cold and flu season, we see a plethora of information flood the internet on how you should be using essential oils to keep your children healthy. Unfortunately, we more often than not find suggestions that are either not appropriate for children or suggest using essential oils in a way that does not support the body’s natural defenses.


Are you interested in learning how essential oils and other aromatics can be used to holistically approach this season? The great news is that aromatic use can be safely and effectively implemented in the home to support the natural processes their bodies require to healthfully navigate winter wellness.


Join us as we run the gamut of holistic winter wellness. You will walk away prepared to tackle this season head-on, confident in effectively being able to support your children’s health!

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