Li Wong

Aromatherapist (Aromatic Medicine), Herbalist, Formulator, Scientist, Perfumer, and Educator at Plant Alkemie

Li Wong has been studying plants for over twenty-six years. She started studying environmental science, biology, and botany as a young teenager and then earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science/Biology, which included coursework in botany. She later earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy, where she focused on conservation biology, botany, and ethnobotany.

Li began learning about aromatherapy, herbalism, and natural skin care formulation around seventeen years ago. She believes in learning from as many teachers as possible, and she has studied under more than thirty past and current aromatherapy and herbalism teachers. She is a longtime qualified aromatherapist trained in clinical aromatherapy and advanced aromatic medicine. She is one of the 25 U.S. aromatherapists that has earned aromatherapy pioneer and cosmetic chemist Mark Webb’s 300 credit hour diploma in advanced aromatic medicine, which includes internal usage and formulation. Li is a longtime qualified herbalist trained in family, community, and clinical herbalism. She is also a professional cosmetic formulator and a natural perfumer. For several years, she formulated and sold aromatherapy and herbal products for her natural skin care and perfumery business, Earth Alkemie.

Li is currently on the next part of her plant journey. She is hard at work writing courses and she hopes to pass on her plant knowledge onto the next generation. Plant Alkemie is her educational website and school. She plans to teach aromatherapy, herbalism, DIY, formulation, perfumery, and eco-living courses. She is currently working on writing online courses, such as an introduction to aromatherapy class, aromatherapy formulation courses, and aromatherapy+herbalism courses (classes that teach both herbalism and aromatherapy). Plant Alkemie also hosts in-person classes from other aromatherapists and herbalists in Philadelphia and the Washington D.C. metro area. Plant Alkemie recently hosted Mark Webb’s CO2 extracts course in Philadelphia.

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Aromatherapy Formulation: Myths & Misconceptions

Qualified aromatherapist, qualified herbalist, natural perfumer, scientist, and professional cosmetic formulator Li Wong will discuss some common myths and misconceptions in aromatherapy formulation.


She discusses when to use drops versus volume or mass, blending essential oils with hydrosols, and using salt in aromatherapy products.

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