Dr. Malte Hozzel

Naturalist and Teacher, Founder and CEO of OSHADHI

Malte Hozzel is a naturalist and teacher with a passionate interest in medicinal plants. He was born in Germany and received his PhD in literature and linguistics from Heidelberg University. He has developed a natural ability to distinguish the quality of essential oils and loves to write and publish articles on Aromatherapy with its holistic values combining empirical, scientific, medicinal, ethnobotanical and spiritual aspects.

Malte has been engaged in the field of essential oils since 1972. Over many years he has established contacts with experts in Aromatology and producers of essential oils around the world. Having travelled across all continents he has become familiar with many regions well-known for their richness in medicinal plants. This has allowed him to develop a strictly selected collection of essential oils satisfying his requirement for highest organic quality, which includes sustainability practices and business based on values.

Currently, he spends his time teaching at international conferences or at his Aromatherapy Seminar Center ORTO DE PROUVÈNCO in High Provence, where – together with his team – he receives groups for teaching events from all continents. The remaining time he spends at the corporate headquarters of AYUS GmbH in Buehl, Germany. Dr. Hozzel founded AYUS GmbH with its OSHADHI brand in 1990. This line of special pure and natural essential oil products is offered in over 30 countries around the world.

Enter the Soul With Fragrant Breathing

Life expresses itself through breath and odors. Everything breathes in the relative world of existence. Even plants breathe – yes, even stones. The breathing of plants on our “Planet Plant” prepared the breath of all organic vital expressions on Earth. Without plant oxygen, we would have no air to breathe, no food to eat, no life on Earth.


Plants, being rooted in the soil, also have a strong connection with the densest element which is earth. And the Earth is linked to the sense of smell according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the thousands of years old natural medicine of India.  No wonder, therefore, that plants exhale scent, odors, fragrances…… They exhale the blessings of Mother Earth. Many of these fragrances are due to essential oils which the plants store in glandular cells and which have numerous functions in the life of plants.

In Nature, breathing and smell are intimately linked. We breathe and we smell without end, connecting the space and air elements with the earth element – the light and the dense dimensions.


Soft inhaling an essential oil from a flacon or a cotton handkerchief or a perfume stripe automatically leads to mindful breathing – breathing into the “eternal” moment of just being here right now. Breathing or inhaling essential oils are healing from within. All our body – from “brain to feet” exults when getting in touch with the alchemy of joy – the fragrances of medicinal plants.


Breathing with conifer oils such as Black Spruce i.e., inhaling oils strong in ketones such as Hyssop i.e., smelling oils high in oxides, such as Eucalyptus globulus or feel the inner expansion with oils high in ethers such as Kewra, the “heart opener”  – each time we experience an essential oil we experience Mother Nature in a very direct way by getting in touch with her own breath of life. Magical aromatherapy for a new millennium of powerful psycho-spiritual healing.

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