Marco Valussi

Clinical Phytotherapist, BSc. (Hons.) Consultant, Distiller

Marco Valussi is a Clinical Phytotherapist with a specific expertise in essential oils; he works as an educator, writer and consultant for the industry in the fields of herbal medicine, essential oils, and medicinal plants. He also works as a consultant for essential oil production for NGOs working in developing countries.  He is currently the scientific director of an essential oil distilling company in Italy (FX Laboratorio Benessere Srl.) that commercializes the GADOI brand.

He gained his degree in Herbal Medicine (BSc. (Hons.)) in 1998 from Middlesex University, London, after obtaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy in 1995 from ITHMA. Since 1996 he has written more than 120 professional articles for different professional journals and magazines, on different subjects. In 2012 he has published with Tecniche Nuove (Milan, Italy) the second edition of a professional textbook on essential oil science. He works as an educator and public speaker at various levels on the subjects of medicinal plants and their usage: he runs Continuing Education courses for erboristi, pharmacists and medical doctors, and seminars as Visiting Professor at the Masters in Medicinal plants at the Universities of Florence and Pisa.

He also works as a consultant for international NGOs working in developing countries.  In particular, he has worked in Kenya for CTM – Altromercato, in Nepal for Oxfam, in Colombia for COE – UCODEP, and in Cabo Verde for the EU. He has been consulting for companies in the field of natural herbal products, and natural cosmetic, both as a formulator and researching the evidence for product claims. He is a member of the Scientific Committees for the professional magazine “L’Erborista”, for the Italian Society of Herbal Science and Technology (SISTE) and for the association for ecological dermatology Skineco. He is the Italian referent for EHPA (European Herbal Practitioners Association).

Quality of Essential Oils

In this presentation, Marco will talk about the subject of quality in the field of essential oils.  His main purpose is to present the point of view of the producers of essential oils to the audience of professional users, to develop a common understanding or at least a common ground for discussion and collaboration.


He will start by looking at different definitions of quality and at the difference between the concept(s) of quality and those of purity and “natural”, that is, in fact, many times taken to be almost synonymous.  He will then try to give a larger, more inclusive definition of quality, introducing not only cultivation and chemical standards, but also social, environmental and cultural aspects into the definition.


By doing this he will stress the difference between negative, statical standards (what NOT to do), and positive, dynamic ones (what you need TO DO). In particular, he will look into the subject of environmental sustainability as a key issue for this day and age, give the unprecedented and increasing use of essential oils in all different markets, a use so massive that we need to worry now about the general sustainability of such a use.

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