Mark Webb

BSc., Author, Educator, Aromatic Medicine Practitioner, Formulations Chemist, Reiki Master

Hi, I’m Mark Webb, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in Biochemistry, Plant Physiology & IT followed up with Diplomas in Massage (Remedial, Lymphatic), Aromatherapy and additional studies in Aromatic and Herbal Medicine.

I am the author of “Bush Sense – Australian Essential Oils & Aromatic Compounds”. I am extremely passionate about the aromatic plants of my home – Australia – and how they can be better used within the Aromatic Therapies space. The long awaited 2nd edition of “Bush Sense” will be released in the first quarter of 2019.

I’ve worked in the biotech industry conducting research and development using aromatics to formulate dose forms and applications for clinical trials for some fairly serious conditions & diseases, including Avian Influenza and Dengue Fever.

I’m a formulation and cosmetic chemist who consults internationally across a wide variety of industries including aromatics (terpenes, EOs, CO2s), the newly emerging Hemp and Cannabis industries (Endocannabinoids), cosmetics & personal care, food & beverage, nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals.

I’m a passionate educator to thousands of students internationally over the past two decades of many topics including all aspects of the aromatic world including – aromatic chemistry & pharmacology, toxicology, internal & external dose forms & application methods, Australian aromatics, aromatic prescribing techniques, the aromatic toolkit or “materia medica” and CO2 Extracts.

“Aromatic Therapies” is my creation. I coined the term back in the mid-2000s to describe a unified philosophy encompassing the aromatic world within a consistent, logical framework of aromatics, dose forms, and application methods. Using the aromatic prescribing technique we can handle a range of conditions and diseases from simple, low-risk applications e.g. an aroma inhaler for anxiety to complex multifaceted conditions e.g. hospital grade nebulizers & GMP manufactured suppositories for cystic fibrosis. This technique allows the practitioner to address real-world diseases and conditions in a scientific, stepwise manner while also addressing potential pharmaceutical and botanical drug interactions and working with allopathic medicine in a complementary manner.

Another decade’s long passion is the CO2 extracts which I work with daily and provide end client expertise for a wide range of botanicals to companies within this industry.

A further passion is Aromatic Cuisine – Food as Medicine, which I will be further expanding with books/manuals and a new course for 2019.

I don’t see boundaries within the aromatic world –  I see opportunities to embrace new technology, delve deeply into the history and science of aromatics and to impassion others to see the world with this broader vision.

I can be contacted for further information on aromatic sourcing, education opportunities, new product formulation, and development or for a personal consultation at –

Aromamedix Pty Ltd – PO Box 3041 Tarragindi, QLD 4121, Australia

Aromatic Therapies, Aussie Oils & CO2’s

Mark will be discussing three topics:
1) His all-inclusive or unifying theory of “Aromatic Therapies”. This idea was born from the various country-centric forms of Aromatherapy,  Aromatic Medicine from the various dose forms & applications methods used around the world. “Aromatic Therapies” – uses every application method & dose form against an increasing scale of knowledge & experience to tackle simple to complex conditions and diseases. It uses a stepwise prescribing and formulating technique to logically and precisely select aromatics based upon their therapeutic properties to deliver effective treatments.
2) Australian Aromatics – The history, chemistry and their therapeutic uses within the Aromatic Therapies model.
3) A brief teaser overview upon what CO2 Extracts are, how they are produced, their history of production and a couple of examples of their advantages and differences when compared to essential oils, absolutes & oleoresins.

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