Martin Henglein

Aromatherapist, Author, Product Formulator

Martin Henglein was born in 1953 in Heidelberg, Germany. He studied comparative literature at the Berlin University and film analysis and psychology at The Nice Sophia Antipolis University, and also holds a DEUG Diploma, also studied art history at the University of Munich. He acquired an ITEC Diploma in Physiotherapy in London, a postgraduate Aromatherapy Diploma with Prof. Arnould-Taylor. He studied Chinese traditional therapies and learned Tai qi with Dr. Liu at his school in Ealing, London. He completed three years in Natural Therapies in Munich (Heilpraktiker Schule). He published his first book on Aromatherapy in 1985 since then many of his writings were published in German. In 1992, he founded the School for Osmology and Aromatology (ISAO). From 1993, he was president of the Veroma Association for more than 12, presented in several international congresses and was a journal editor. His seminal work of the Fragrance Circle was published in 1986.

Holistic Blending, Counseling and the Fragrance Circle

Reactions to certain smells are like a mirror of the Soul. They carry long lost memories, emotional response, and biochemical patterns. The Fragrance Circle of Martin Henglein serves as a tool to discover needs and blockades. It also helps to find holistic blends, – balancing mind and body. More than twenty Years of experience allow a safe and responsible use of this Counseling technique. It is focussed on the natural fragrance and phenomenological approach. (1). Historical ‘Osmology’ observes the sense of smell and tries to understand its role in Biology and to a certain extent the spiritual roots of problems. Actually, Osmology existed long before René – Maurice Gattefossé developed ‘Aromatherapy’.(2) But ‘integral Osmology’ by MH goes beyond the traditional method. Oriented through the ‘Pyramid of Osmology’ (MH) and the’ Fragrance Test’ (MH), a complete system of self – help, quality of life enhancement and transformational work is offered. (3) It’s time to move beyond the reductionist and biomedical paradigm. Clearing symptoms cannot express the potential of the whole person. Step by step, ’empowerment ‘ is transforming everyday-life – always following the wisdom of aromatic plants. Three levels allow gradual and responsible work with clients. There starts a ‘Quest ‘, an exciting discovery of Self – by stabilizing, then enlarging and finally transforming Life through the ‘aromatic experience ‘!

(1) Based on the work of Husserl, Scheler, Marleau – Ponty and H. Dreyfuss, Phenomenology gives a certain value to the Subject and allows to scrutinize reactions, without slipping into the medical framework. Historical Osmology started with Theophrast, ‘de odoribus’. The first treatise on Osmology was published in the 17th century by a French doctor. Alain Corbin describes the history of Osmology, which dominated 19th-century outlooks on smell. Even Sigmund Freud was deeply inspired by Osmology.. (W.Fliess letters).

(2) ‘Aromatherapy’ by RM Gattefossé was first published in 1937. The aesthetic and artistic dimension has also influenced our work.

(3) The ‘French touch’ in Perfumery, looking for a certain beauty in holistic fragrance, finding inspiration in paintings or literature, makes for an integral part of the education. ‘Fragrant Tours’ to the South of France and Asia are completing the experience: ‘meeting with remarkable people’, and beautiful countryside, belong to the training for ‘Fragrance Circle work’ and ‘Integral Osmology’.


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