Michelle Bardwell

Certified Aromatherapist

Michelle Bardwell is a fixture in Dallas’ health and wellness community. Michelle began practicing natural medicine in Dallas in the late nineties. Over the course of ten years, Michelle traveled back and forth from Texas to France to learn about naturopathy from the industry’s leading professors. Internationally recognized aromatologist Patrick Collin taught Michelle the clinical use of essential oils and hydrosols, while Anne Portier trained Michelle in manual lymphatic drainage, Bach Flower Essences, and Oligotherapy. After garnering a comprehensive education through these world-renowned professors, Michelle founded Flower Road, an alternative health institute based in Dallas, Texas.

A natural and gifted teacher, Michelle enjoys teaching certified continuing education classes for professionals in Aromatherapy. She travels throughout the United States providing seminars and workshops for massage therapists, massage schools and spas dedicated to quality education. Michelle has also developed nonprofessional classes designed for anyone who wants to learn about European-inspired, clinical aromatherapy for daily use.

You can contact Michelle via her website by clicking on the logo


If Hippocrates Was an Aromatherapist

Michelle’s teachers played an integral part in her education and philosophy, but they also helped her to develop her signature modality, Hippocratic Aromatherapy. Originally developed by Pierre Franchome and Patrick Collin. Hippocratic Aromatherapy is a method of pairing the chemical families of essential oils to each Hippocratic temperament. Under Michelle’s eye, this concept became a standard system, a significant aromatherapy modality that could be educational and healing purposes. She is going to share with you this unique and wonderful tool within the aromatherapy world.

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