Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Aromatherapist, Consultant, Product Formulator

Michelle Roques-O’Neil a therapist since the mid-seventies and aromatherapy for over 30 years commencing with 4 years of dedicated study and practice under ‘Godmother of Aromatherapy Micheline Arcier.

After leaving Arcier she expanded her expertise training in spiritual psychotherapy and healing. Her passion for alchemy and mind-body healing led her to study numerology, shamanism, Taoist Qi Gong, Reiki, SRT and the alchemy of essences all of which has been integrated into her unique blend of aromatherapy and healing.

In 1998 she was voted one of the top ten Aromatherapists in the world by British Vogue along with her mentor. Michelle bridges the gap between modern aromatherapy and spiritual alchemy-creating treatments, products, and experiences that foster resilience and fortitude and enable us to better cope with the sometimes challenging demands of modern life.

She also works as a consultant to leading wellness brands blending her wisdom in therapeutic design with her background in vibrational aromatherapy, healing, and natural perfumery. She has been most recently been working on two pieces of training an Energy Training based on her many strands as a multi-disciplined healer and the second Numbers, vibrations and aromatic alchemy both will be available from November 2018.

A modern-day alchemist, she believes in the interconnectedness of all things, and the power we each hold within us, to self-heal and transcend.

Please check www.roquesoneil.com for information on courses, treatments, and consultancy.

The Art of Numbers, Vibrations and Aromatic Alchemy

In Essence, everything that exists has a frequency or vibration, and part of the fabric of life; each cell, whether human, plant, animal or mineral has a unique signature. Biochemists can now confirm that a human cell is crystalline in structure, in fact, it is liquid crystal resonating with other crystalline structures to adjust our mineral balance. Plants too are calibrated at different frequencies ranging from high to low, this reflects their energetic function.


My fascination with numerology started 25 years ago with Swiss-born numerologist Marcelle Bergstrom using numbers to diagnose imbalance.  Numeric signatures exist in all things and in many cultures from Chinese alchemy, mystical Judaism to Vedic spirituality. Each uses numerological equations and the power of numbers to understand human behavior and shape energetic balance.


The method I’ve developed harnesses numerology to create charged vibrational formulae but can be very specific in intention either for the efficacy of a retail formula or more specifically for individuals. in a similar way that radionics and homeopathy give remedies numeric potency. Each number carries a meaning and action and can be used in blends in many combinations and how to anchor their profound and life-changing energies.

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