Nyssa Hanger

MA, LMT, Registered Aromatherapist, Assistant Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

Nyssa Hanger, MA, LMT, RA, is a second-generation aromatherapist and the Assistant Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. Founded in 1989 by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, the Atlantic Institute provides premier education in aromatherapy and is one of the longest-running aromatherapy schools in the country.

Nyssa was a founding member of the United Aromatherapy Effort Inc in 2001 and has continued to be an active member since. An international speaker on aromatherapy, she writes the aromatherapy column for Massage Today. Most recently, Nyssa and Sylla have created the Inner Sanctum Aromatherapy Membership to support and educate both beginner’s and experienced professionals alike, with inspirational videos, lessons, resources and more.

Nyssa holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida. She is also the founder of Upward Spiral Center in Tampa, Florida.

More Than Essential Oils: Journey into Holistic Phytotherapy

As someone who has identified as an aromatherapist for over a decade, Nyssa is beginning to consider herself less of an aromatherapist and more of a phytotherapist — one who works with all parts of the plant. When she realized that she was more comfortable with concentrated plant extracts than the plants she interacted with in her everyday life, she began a search to learn more about plants themselves.


Nyssa learned about the plants that her oils were coming from, then she continued on to the vast pharmacopeia of non-aromatic plants. As she embarked upon this study, the world came alive in new and expected ways.


Now, aromatherapy is one piece of a much larger puzzle, which includes every dimension of her life. In a world where we are continually increasing our consumption of essential oils (and most other resources for that matter), it’s time that we consume them consciously. This means bringing into focus the goal we’ve been after this whole time — wholeness.


Nyssa sees the need to make a broader connection for all of us between the practice of aromatherapy and herbalism — and both of these within the context of a holistic lifestyle. She thinks we need to move beyond the “trend” of aromatherapy and into a perspective of essential oils as one part of a plant-filled life.


In this talk you will learn:


♦  Why we (and our planet) need to move beyond the “essential oil trap”,
♦  Why you might actually need fewer oils,
♦  How to tell what your body needs ASAP (including a Body-Listening Cheat Sheet),
♦  Her top 10 ways to make natural medicine a daily habit.

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