Rehne Kuik Burge

Certified Aromatherapist, Medical Auditor and Instructor, Educator, NAHA Louisiana (Central District) Director

Rehne Burge is a Certified Aromatherapist, Medical Auditor and Instructor and Educator. She has been a Certified Aromatherapist for over 3 years, an enthusiast for 10 years and have had a love and passion for herbs for most of her adult life. She is a Professional member and Central Director for Louisiana for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and a Professional member of Alliance of International Aromatherapists. In addition to courses on Component Blending, Anatomy and Physiology, which is inclusive in the certification program, Robert Tisserand’s Essential Oil Masterclass, she recently enjoyed Dr. Joy Bowles Essential Oil Fundamental Chemistry course.

In her former career, she served on the board of the Advisory Committee for Medicare which involved intense research. These same research habits have followed into this career. In-depth research habit has followed her into her Aromatherapy career. As part of her curriculum, she taught anatomy and physiology which gave her an insight into the connection between the body and essential oils. Rehne is the owner and operator of Soul Essentials Duo in Ponchatoula, Los Angeles. Their sales at Soul Essentials Duo barely cover costs of volunteer work, which is why the site was established Her passion is working with those in need whose financial concerns limit their holistic options that could resolve simple health issues.

After devastating news in January 2017, she spent 8 months researching and writing about PTSD, the Olfactory System, and Essential Oils. With her precious daughter being diagnosed with PTSD which catapulted into multiple health issues, her determination was driven by love and concern to find a way to help her. Through this journey, Rehne met some amazing people, Valerie Pallotta who lost her son Josh to PTSD and has become a very dear loved friend and two amazing Vets that volunteered to test blends for PTSD. They bonded as many do with PTSD. PTSD, once known as shell shock or battle fatigue, was once that to only relate to war but now we know that it is trauma, on many scales, that can create PTSD. Be passionate about your journey, whatever it may be.

PTSD and Aromatherapy

All of her life Rehne has lived with complex PTSD. After many years of therapy, she has found a way to live day to day and find essential oils a wonderful aid. Her practice now revolves around helping veterans and other sufferers find a way to navigate their way through the symptoms of the disorder. In this discussion, she talks about what it feels like to experience the confusion of flashbacks and other symptoms and how a therapist can help support a patient who so desperately needs their help.

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