Ruth Nelson and Dedi Thorne

Aromatherapists and Owners of DeRu Extracts

Ruth Nelson and Dedi Thorne own DeRu Extracts, LLC. The company has a strong focus on safety as well as utilizing aromatherapy as a complementary addition to traditional and holistic therapies. This pair has a strong knowledge of a variety of essential oils and is known for offering safe guidance to a number of people. If there’s one thing they’d like you to know, it’s that every oil has safety information and that not everyone can use every oil.

Dedi’s initial dive into aromatherapy happened when a friend sent some oils for her to try to combat sinus issues. Due to neat use being taught in that initial foray, she became sensitized to some very mild oils. Refusing to accept the “detox” response she was given, she began to look for true experts and found that much of the info she’d previously been given was incredibly unsafe. That search brought her together with Sylla Sheppard-Hanger of Atlantic Institute, whom she now works as an assistant for as well as being a student of. Dedi is currently studying to become an Aromatherapy Practitioner at Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy (the 450-hour version). She’s also taken Dr. Timothy Miller’s “Chemistry is FUN” class, Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer’s “The Wounded Healer” class, Tisserand’s video series, and is studying Susan Parker’s “Lipids Decoded”.

Ruth started in aromatherapy due to a parent of a special needs child asking for help. While attempting to do what she could for this mom, she stumbled upon aromatherapy and couldn’t stop reading. Initially, she was using Google and Pinterest as a source for what oil is good for this and what oil is good for that. When 2 of her friends had reactions she really delved into knowing safety. That brought her to enroll in Aromahead and becoming a certified aromatherapist through their 235-hour program. Once completing that class she also enrolled into Atlantic Institutes 200 hour home study course. She has taken Mark Webb’s “CO2 Class” as well as Dr. Timothy Millers “Chemistry is FUN” class and many things that have been offered as free courses from reputable sources.

This fall they will be continuing their educational journey with Madeleine Kerkhof for four days of “Fusion AromaTherapy™ and Pain.” They believe you will never know everything in this field. Learning from many instructors helps you glean insight from a variety of perspective and gives you a more rounded approach in your journey to helping others!

The Holistic Consultation

Dedi and Ruth have an unusual healing dynamic treating clients together, which being geographically hundreds of miles apart.


In this podcast, they take a case history of a patient and show how they analyze all aspects of her disease to decide on their treatment strategy.

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