Shirley Routley

Fragrant Earth International CEO

Shirley leads the Company adapting it to the technologies and business challenges of the second decade of the 21st century whilst carefully maintaining the Natural & Ethical principles and supplies of Fragrant Earth.

From a career in store retailing, nursing and hair & beauty she moved first into the Perfume industry and then to the Cosmetics industry. A specialist in Production and Packing lines Shirley joined the Company from Elemis in 1999 to organize the newly created laboratories and facilities in Glastonbury.

Today her focus for the Company is the development of top quality Skincare and Sensory products which are firstly Effective then Sustainable, Ecologically sound but with regard to the blending of hard science and tradition. Shirley is the driving force behind the export and retail sector of the company, recently, successfully opening its first UK high street store.  Multi-talented as a craftswoman Shirley’s interests lie in needlework, cross-stitch and knitting. Her knitted animals travel worldwide complete with passports probably made famous by her other expensive hobby photography.

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Making Things Better

Shirley’s philosophy and indeed that of Fragrant Earth is to get good results through purity; which means sourcing and using the finest active ingredients not the cheapest and not packing the product full of things that look good on the label but are in such tiny quantities as to be meaningless.


It also means they use the best in technology to make their products and keep quality controls tight.


Lastly, Fragrant Earth’s philosophy requires their products to be effective, to perform and do what they say on the pack. Combining your knowledge of essential oils and their philosophy and knowledge of good safe bases, Shirley will reveal how you can make products, which are better in activity than those sold in the high street store: foot creams, acne gels, shampoos, and prescriptive creams and lotions.


Shirley’s wish is that people return to the classical use of essential oils in bases bringing the full active benefits of plant extracts back to use and life.

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