Jen Hawkins

Clinical Aromatherapist, MIFPA, PGCE BA Hons.

Jen Hawkins’ love of aromatherapy began as a young child, mashing rowan berries into pastes, blending rose petals, and collecting various leaves, twigs, and flowers. She developed her use of essential oils as a teenager, using them to help her revise for exams. But it was an aromatherapy massage during a particularly stressful OFSTED inspection which was pivotal in her decision to leave her career as a teacher and retrain as an Aromatherapist.

Jen studied at the Institute for Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy and qualified as a clinical Aromatherapist in 2006. She is a full member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and has worked with clients in private practice since 2006 – a professional rose petal blender!

Jen lives in Shropshire, where she feels a strong connection to the natural world. She has an allotment and enjoys an organic approach to gardening. She is an advocate for healthy living and regularly holds talks and workshops, sharing her knowledge and passion, helping people to discover simple steps to joy through wellbeing.

More solutions to joyful, healthy living can be found via Jen’s website:

Synergy of the Seasons

When was the last time you truly felt the joy of being alive? Felt connected to the earth and her rhythms, or to yourself and your rhythms?

Our ancestors used to live their lives according to the seasons, but nowadays we ignore that, following the same routine day in day out, even though the patterns of the seasons still underpin our daily lives.

In this interview we’ll be exploring how we can tune into the patterns of the year and use essential oils to foster and maintain a joyful, healthy balance, reducing the amount of disease, disharmony, and distress in our lives.

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