Michael Scholes

International Aromatic Consultant, Teacher, Formulator and Owner of the Virginia Based Laboratory of Flowers, USA

Michael Scholes is an International Aromatic Consultant, therapeutic formulator and natural perfumer who is the president of the Virginia based Laboratory of Flowers, an Eco Essential Oil Supply Company. Michael was trained in England and France by one of France’s leading specialist in aromatic medicine, Dr. Daniel Penoel. He has spent the last 30 years teaching the Art and Science of Aromatics in the US and has presented over 20,000 hours of classes to over 30,000 students worldwide including Asia, North and South America and Europe.

His specialty and life’s work is in the understanding of over 600 essential oils and their combination in creating aromatic formulations for the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic aspects of the human condition. His specialty subject is in the understanding and communication of how fragrance impacts our psychology, through the senses, in our decision making through 30,000 aromatic molecules found in nature. This includes the understanding of over 30 categories of information for each essential oil used, from a scientific and botanical perspective. His expertise includes creating delivery systems that are therapeutic and affect one’s psychology, mood, outlook, and energy.

Michael currently divides his time between formulating, writing, public speaking, teaching, consulting, product development, essential oil research and resourcing essential oils worldwide.

For information on personal services, individual fragrance design, and essential oil supplies or for a personal consultation please contact Michael Scholes at mhscholes@aol.com. Please note that our website is being updated and upgraded and will be available in July 2018.

The Laboratory of Flowers 21010 Southbank Street # 630 Sterling, VA 20165 USA – Telephone +1 (703) 433 2499/FAX +1 (310) 388 584

Managing and Understanding Large Numbers of Essential Oils

How to understand and use up to over 600 essential oils in blending for personal care, healing the physical, for spiritual practices, personal perfumes and in therapeutic formulations?


One of the most challenging aspects of aromatherapy is learning the hundreds of essential oils that are available worldwide, their genus, species and sub-species and the many countries of origin where aromatic plants are grown. If this is not enough you have to decide on what oils blend well together, dosages and the different blends that you are making either for the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual or energetic purposes. While this is a challenging subject to learn there are ways to simplify through the integration of specific ways of organizing the oils and the information.


This presentation will help you to see the subject of aromatherapy through an alternative viewpoint from someone who has over 30 years of experience, has formulated over 750 blends and personally trained over 30,000 students worldwide.

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