Anita James

Aromatherapy educator (Essentially Holistic), Current Vice President of AIA

Born and raised in Derbyshire, England I’ve always been surrounded by gardens, allotments, and open farmland. The scent of roses takes me straight back to being a child helping my Grandfather in the greenhouse.

After a very stressful and life-changing time in 2000, I returned to my love of plants and the natural world in order to grow a new life. It seemed the right path for me. In 2001 I gained an Aromatherapy Diploma with Distinction from Shirley Price Aromatherapy, Essentially Holistic was launched in 2002 and my aromatic journey began. I’m as passionate today about aromatherapy as when I first started training all those years ago.

I am particularly interested in incorporating aromatherapy into everyday situations and in 2003 I set up a project at the local infant school. I now work alongside a specialist programme providing both training to staff and aromatherapy to children requiring additional emotional and behavioral support.

I’m a firm believer in inspiring learners through active learning; in 2005 I began teaching aromatherapy and holistic therapies courses. In 2013 my company Essentially Holistic received accreditation from the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists). In 2016 the course was accepted at a Professional Level by the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) in the US.

I have spoken about my work at Conferences and presented workshops Worldwide and offer an online aromatherapy course which is accessed by students from many countries. I am the current Vice President of the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists).

The Aromatic Year

As a gardener, grower, and forager I live by the seasons understanding the importance of being able to identify the plants, when they grow and when to get the best therapeutic benefits from them. As aromatherapists and essential oil users, we need to understand the plant to fully engage with the essential oil. By working through the markers of the year and utilizing seasonal essential oils we can bring the body, mind, and soul into true balance with its surroundings.


In this presentation, I will look at the concept of working with the 8 seasons and markers, explaining how each one is unique, the differing energies they bring and how they affect our bodies. As a gardener I will explain how the moons energies can affect the power of our essential oils, carrier, and hydrosols, giving an insight on how to use opposite energies and seasons to bring homeostasis to our environments.


For me touching the earth is part of my life, the way I bring myself into balance and where I go when I need guidance. One of my earliest memories was helping my Grandfather sow seeds in his greenhouse. Guided by a family who understood the plants’ wisdom when my life changed 20 years ago I knew it needed to involve working with the earth and plants.


Let me begin your journey into the magical plant world and let it unfurl its treasures for you to engage and absorb.

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