Tracy Carlin

Artisan Soap Maker, Aspiring Artist

Tracy Carlin is an aspiring artist who stumbled upon soap making in 2014 and enjoys the creative process of handcrafting small batches.  Living many years and raising her three daughters on a small, family farm in the Midwest of the United States created the foundation for bringing the magic of botanicals into her life, work, and home where she now resides in Kansas City. When she isn’t elbowing deep into the soap bowl she loves spending time with family, gardening, drawing, reading, and, of course, socializing in her favorite soapmaking groups.

You can connect with her on social media at:

Facebook: tracy.carlin1 or handcraftedbytracy1/
Instagram: handcrafted_by_tracy/

Using Essential Oils and Botanicals For Soap Making

Making Artisan Soap by Tracy Carlin was designed to delve into the soapmaking world so that readers understand how artisan soap is crafted in small batches.


Topics cover understanding oil properties, safety, formulating, cure, storage, packaging, and using botanicals, essential oils, CO² extracts, absolutes, and oleoresins to color and scent soap naturally.  Artisan soap can be customized for customers, friends, and family to give a delightful bathing experience for so many.

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